VISD Beginning Orchestra Materials

VISD is excited that your student has chosen Orchestra for their elective. Instruction for this class will be offered for violin, viola, cello, and bass. Your student will need their own instrument in addition to the supplies listed below. VISD recommends that you meet with your student's instructor before purchasing an instrument.

Tee's Music House works with VISD's orchestra program to stock the proper sizes and specifications for your child's orchestral instrument. If you don't see the instrument in stock, it can be ordered. Be sure to check out Tee's Instrument Rental Plans

The following materials are required for the VISD Beginning Orchestra program:

  • Instrument (please contact your instructor for more information)

  • Book: Orchestration Expressions, Book 1

  • Shoulder Pad for violins & violas (Suretone-rest, Everrest, or Kun)

  • Floor Strap for cellos

  • Rock Stop for basses

  • Pencils - You must bring a pencil to every class!

  • Soft cleaning cloth for instrument

  • Rosin - POPS for basses, light/amber for violins, violas, & cellos

  • Blank binder with sheet protectors for music

  • Folding music stand (for practicing at home)

  • Tuner (not required, but highly recommended by January) - Korg TM 50 with contact mic or Snark clip-on chromatic tuner

To insure that your student has their instrument in time for the first day of class, VISD recommends ordering an instrument by June. 

For more information on VISD's orchestra program or if you have questions about your student's instrument, contact Kathy Murdock with VISD's Orchestra program