Woodwind Instruments

Woodwind instruments are a necessary part of any band program. Tee's sells new and used woodwinds for beginner and intermediate players. 

Browse a selection of Tee's instruments below. For inquiries about specific woodwind instruments and models, call or stop by.


Flutes are a reedless woodwind instrument. They produce bright, clear tones and are at the high end of the band's range.


B Flat Clarinet for sale or rent

Clarinets are a reed instrument. There are several types of clarinets, and they produce a full range of sounds.


Oboes for sale or rent

The oboe is a double-reed woodwind. It has a clear voice and plays at the top of the band's range. Orchestras often tune to the oboe.


Alto Saxophones for sale or rent

Saxophones are another reed instrument. The most common kinds are soprano, alto, tenor, and bari. Saxes are featured a lot in jazz.

Woodwind Accessories

Woodwind Accessories, reeds, cleaning cloths

Woodwind instruments need accessories such as reeds, cleaning cloths, and cork grease to keep them in good playing condition. Call Tee's to find out if your reeds are in stock or to order more.