Instrument Repair

Orchestra and String Instrument Rentals

Tee's Music House is Texas' largest band instrument repair service. We've been repairing instuments for 65 years! Our instrument repair services have a fast turn around time, so you won't be left without an instrument.

To keep your instrument in good condition, it's recommended that you have your instrument repaired and adjusted once a year by a professional.

Stop by our store and we'll take good care of your instrument!

Instrument Rentals

Tee's Music House has both band and orchestra instruments for rental purposes. Rental instruments are great for your beginner musician. Wind instruments for rent include B-Flat Clarinets, Flutes, Saxophones, Trombones, Trumpets, and more. Rental Orchestra instruments include violins, cellos, and more.

Woodwind and Brass Instrument Rentals

Instruments are available on a rent-to-own plan. 75% of your rental fee can be applied towards a new instrument. Take a look at our rental agreement here: Tee's Music House Rental Agreement.pdf

Call or stop by to get a full list of available instruments.